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Please read the information contained in this book carefully, especially the entries that deal with your ancestors. if you have additions, corrections, comments, or concerns, please send documentation to me at the above address. I will continue to update the three books which my mother and I have compiled. Members will be informed of changes to any of the three books in the Seeley Genealogical Sociely Newsletter.

This particular book took more than three years to compile and is twice as big as the Sixth Generation Families! We believe that an Eighth Generation Families is out of the question! We, therefore, challenge descendants to locate information, compile and publish similar books beginning with either a seventh or eighth generation person listed in this book and submit that publication to the Seelye Research Center Director, Terry Tietjens, P0 Box 337, Abilene, KS, 67410- 0337.

We appreciate all those who have contributed to the body of knowledge that we have about the Seeley (with the various spellings) family. We acknowledge countless hours of research and preparation of records by many people including Esther L. Houtz Walters, Elizabeth White, Helene Ault, and many others.

We would like to thank John R. Seely, Eugene Seelye, Terry Tietjens and Lester Stevens and many others for their assistance with this project.

Not all records agree. We have had to use "discretion and logic" in trying to assemble family groups. We have had to make some "judgment calls." Some records may not agree with your collected records. Some problems have been resolved and some have not. It is our wish that what we have done is acceptable. We wanted it to be perfect. We know that is not possible.

There has been a question of the ancestry of Obadiah (SGS#4) for some time. It is clear from the evidence that Obadiah is not the son of Robert and Mary Mason Seeley, nor does there appear to be any close relationship. Because SGS numbers have already been assigned in the previous publication of Generations One Through Five, and The Sixth Generation Families, it has been decided that the numbering of Obadiah's descendants will not change. At the time of the original publication, Obadiah was considered a son of Robert, and so he was listed as being a part of the second generation. We have kept that designation. It appears that Obadiah's father may have been William Seeley. We are waiting for more research to be concluded in this area.

Using this book should be simple. Each individual has been given a number. Robert Seeley is SGS #1. His son, Nathaniel Seeley, is SGS #2. Obadiah Seeley is SGS #4. This numbering continues through each successive generation. These numbers are referred to as SGS numbers. The numbers, once assigned, do not change. When further data is known of an individual, the number will be followed by an asterisk and the name will be capitalized. Data for that individual will follow in the next generation in numerical order.

Since this is a Seeley (with the various spellings) genealogy we have not included information beyond the initial generation for individuals with other simiames. Example--When Ann Seeley married John Smith, her children with surname "Smith" are included with as much information as we have, but are not carried forward.

The following abbreviations have been used: b=born; bapt=baptised; d=died; m=marned; bur=buried. Dates are listed day/month/year. We have given information about parentage of spouse when available. We have included residence if known. if military service has been rendered, we have noted it as a part of the record.

We are grateful to have had access to computers for this massive undertaking. This is a İMicrosoft Word 6.01 document. The indices have been prepared using İMicrosoft Word 6.01. It is hoped that in the future, this information will be entered into İPersonal Ancestral File. At that point, family group sheets and pedigree charts could be generated in both DOS and MAC formats.

Seeley Genealogical Society, 1997 (SGS#4) OBADIAH SEELEY (2) (?William) (chr 5 Jun 1614, SL Martin Parish, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England; d 25 Aug 1657, intestate, Stamford, CT; estate distributed, 3 Sep 1666) Perhaps the son of William Seeley.

- m Stamford, CT, Mary Angel Miller (b about 1623, probably England). Daughter of James and Anna Elliot Angel. Widow of John Miller (d 1642, Stamford, CT). John Miller was one of the first settlers of Wethersfield, CT and Stamford, CT. John Miller's will mentions his wife Mary and sons; John, Jonathan, and Joseph. John and Jonathan Miller settled in Bedford, NY. Joseph Miller (d 1730, Cohansy, NJ) settled in Cohansy, NJ in 1691.

- Obadiah Seeley was an early resident of Stamford, CT. On 20 Feb 1648, it was recorded that the land owned by John Holly was bounded on the north by lands owned by Obadiah Seeley.

- Obadiah and Mary Angel Miller Seeley resided in Stamford, CT. Their first child was born there in 1648. In 1649, Obadiah Seeley was listed as a citizen of Stamford, CT. In 1651, Obadiah Seeley acknowledged payment of a debt due him from John Lareson.

- Obadiah died intestate 25 Aug 1657. Inventory of his estate was dated 24 Dec 1665. The inventory mentions his widow, Mary and their sons Obadiah, Cornelius and Jonas. Mary Angel Miller Seeley made an oath on 7 Nov 1666.

Children (2)

17* OBADIAH SEELEY (b about 1648/49, Stamford, Fairfield Co. CT; d 25 Jul 1679/80, Stamford, Fairfield Co., CT) m 1669, Esther Stevens (b about 164&9). Daughter of Thomas and Ann Stevens of Stamford.

18* CORNELIUS SEELEY (b about 1649/50, Stamford, CT; d after 1714/15, Bedford, Westchester Co., NY) m before 1674, Priscilla Osborn (b 3 Mar 1650; d after 1710, probably Bedford, Westchester Co., NY). Daughter of Richard and Mary Osborn.

19* JONAS SEELEY (b about 1653, Stamford, CT; d 1703, Stamford, CT) m 1st, Sarah/Mary Slawson/Slason m 2nd, about 1689, Mary Wicks/Weeks Waterbury (b about 1660; d 31 Dec 1738, Stamford, CT). Daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Wicks of Stamford, CT. Widow of John Waterbury. Son of John Waterbury.

20 Habakuk Seeley (b about 1655, Stamford, CT; d Jun 1658, Stamford, CT)


Anderson, Jerome research
Chase Saga of Seelys
History of Stamford, CT, p 164.
Houtz, Esther research
Phipps, Alan research
Seely, John R. One Line of Seely Descendants

Descendants of Obadiah Seeley (SGS #4)--Generations Two through Five

Revised from April 1977 edition

1 12-Dec-1997

Family Group Sheet
 Husband: Obadiah SEELY #1  died at age: 43 
    Born:  5-Jun-1614     in: Birmingham, Warwickshire, Eng  1
Baptized:                 in:                                           
    Died: 25-Aug-1657     in: Stamford, Fairfield Co. CT.  2
  Buried:                 in: Stamford, Fairfield Co. CT.               
     Gen: 2nd             in:                                           
     Ref: SGS#4         Occupation:                     3
  Father: William SEELY #2656
  Mother: Alice BISSELL #2657
Item 2 of the 2nd Generation of Robert Seely

Obadiah Seely

Many things our unknown about Obadiah. Not sure when and where he was born.

Obadiah Seeley, was an early resident of Stamford, CT, as several entries in the records show. On Feb. 20,1648 it was recorded that John Holly had 9 acres of land in Rock Neck, Stamford, bounded by lands of Obadiah Seeley on the north.

Obadiah and Mary were married in Stamford, CT. and their first child was born there 1648. In 1649, Obadiah was listed as a citizen of Stamford. In 1651, Obadiah acknowledged payment of a debt due hin from John Lareson.

Obadiah died intestate Aug. 25,1657. Inventory of his estate was dated Dec. 24 1665 and mentions his widow Mary and their sons Obadiah, Cornelius and Jonas.

Distribution of estate was dated Sept. 3, 1666. Habakuk Seeley died at the age of 43 in Stamford June, 1658. SGS VOL 1 page, 6

    Wife: Mary (Angel) MILLER #2  died at age: 49 
 Married: 1647            in: Stamford, Fairfield Co. CT.                
 his age: 32         her age: 31 
Ceremony:      Divorced/Annulled/Separated:         Year:     
    Born: abt1616         in: England                                   
Baptized:                 in:                                           
    Died: 1665            in: Stamford, Fairfield Co. CT.               
  Buried:                 in:                                           
     Gen:                 in:                                           
     Ref:               Occupation:                    3
  Father: James ANGEL #2458
  Mother: Anna ELIOT #2457

Widow of John Miller who d,1642, Stamford. Note OCGS Vol VII # 1,2,3,4 May 1977,Feb 1978 Page 10. Obadiah (1) Seely Genealogy. From a chart prepared by Leslie Seely of Eatontown, NJ. Mary Husted Miller sister of Robert Huster and widow of John Miller, married, Obadiah Seely, about 1648.

Obadiah arrived in Stamford, CT, Aug-25-1637

Name appear in Bedford, NY, 1710, Census Her name may of been spelled Mary Angell, (which is a Rhode Island name)

M Child 1 Obadiah SEELY#3  died at age: 34 
    Born: abt1645         in: Stamford, Fairfield Co. CT.               
Baptized:                 in:                                           
    Died: 25-Jul-1679     in: Stamford, Fairfield Co. CT.               
  Buried:                 in:                                           
     Gen: 3rd             in:                                           
     Ref: SGS#17        Occupation:                    4
  Spouse: Esther STEVENS  #4  b. 1648  
 Married: 1669            in: Stamford, Fairfield Co. CT.               
Ceremony:        Divorced/Annulled/Separated:       Year:      
M Child 2 Cornelius SEELY #384  died at age: 65 
    Born: abt1649         in: Stamford, Fairfield Co. CT.               
Baptized:                 in:                                           
    Died: aft1714         in: Bedford, Westchester Co, NY               
  Buried:                 in:                                           
     Gen: 3nd             in:                                           
     Ref: SGS#18        Occupation:                    4
  Spouse: Priscilla OSBORN  #385  
    Born:  3-Mar-1650     in:
    Died: aft1710         in:
 Married: 1671            in: CT                                        
Ceremony:        Divorced/Annulled/Separated:       Year:      
M Child 3 Jonas SEELY #440  died at age: 50 
    Born: 22-Jul-1652     in: Stamford, Fairfield Co. CT.  5
Baptized:                 in:                                           
    Died: 27-Mar-1703     in: Stamford, Fairfield Co. CT.  6
  Buried:                 in:                                           
     Gen: 2nd             in:                                           
     Ref: SGS#19         Occupation:                  3
  Spouse: Mary SLAWSON  #441  d. abt1689  
 Married: 1683            in:                         7
Ceremony:        Divorced/Annulled/Separated:       Year:      
  Spouse: Mary (WICKS) WATERBURY  #442  b. abt1660  d. 31-Dec-1738  
 Married: 1689            in: Stamford, Fairfield Co. CT.               
Ceremony:        Divorced/Annulled/Separated:       Year:      
M Child 4 Habakuk SEELY #2456  died at age: 3 
    Born: abt1655         in: Stamford, Fairfield Co. CT.               
Baptized:                 in:                                           
    Died: 13-Jun-1658     in: Stamford, Fairfield Co. CT.               
  Buried:                 in:                                           
     Gen: 2nd             in:                                           
     Ref: SGS#20             Occupation:               3

1 John and Maurine Brevoort Seely, Carson , CA 90745 (213)834-6244 this is a new lineage for Obadiah Seely with new siblings father and mother. This is a change from the Seeley Society records. April-18-1995

2 Fairfield County Probates, Vol II, page 14

3 Generations One Through Five, Complied by Madeline Mills and Katherine, Mills 1997. The Seeley Genealogical Society. Obadiah-1

4 Generations One Through Five, Complied by Madeline Mills and Katherine, Mills 1997. The Seeley Genealogical Society. Obadiah-1-2

5 SGS Descendants of Robert Seeley Volume 1 #19 3rd Gen. This date Feb 16, 1992 10

6 Predmore Papers from Orange County Genealogical Society 6

7 Data from Roselyn Whitmore, 1877 Mark Ave, Elgin IL, 60123 3/20/1992

Files of Daniel P Seelye
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Desert Hot Springs, CA